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"Cellulite, the dimpling effect that plagues a large percentage of women and men, can be related to hormonnes, genetics, lack of circulation, and some dietary and lifestle factors. Although nothing can cure it completely, Jennifer McGilvray of Perpetual Motion Body Improvement Center in Quincy treats her clents with Endermologie, the first Food and Drug Administration-approved machine for the reduction of cellulite and the number-one cellulite treatment in the world."

"She also uses Tri-Active Laserdermology to tighten the skin in the affected areas. Both treatments are recommended twice a week for eight weeks for the best effects. Her infared body wrap machine heats from the inside out, so clients can lose weight and inches, as well as reduce muscle soreness, backaches, and shoulder pain. With a background in exercise science, McGilvray is known for dishing out health and nutrition tips during treatments, something that keeps her celebrity client roster coming back for more."

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About Perpetual Motion
Perpetual Motion Body Improvement Center was established in 1995 by Jennnifer McGilvray, M.S. After earning a Master of Science in Exercise Science and many years of teaching and coaching, and working in hospitals, colleges, public schools, and fitness centers, Ms. McGilvray created Perpetual Motion. In 1998, Jennifer became a certified Endermologie technician through LPG and began performing Endermologie treatments for a local physician After three years Ms. McGilvray branched out on her own and added Endermologie to her existing personalized fitness and nutrtion business and expanded to the now named Perpetual Motion Body Improvement Center. By incorporating her knowledge of cellulite therapy treatments, exercise, and nutrition, Jennifer has been able to help over 250 clients. The center takes an overall health and fitness approach to reduce cellulite and contour and sculpt bodies.

Perpetual Motion Body Improvement Center was also the area's first to incorporate Cynosure's Triactive Laserdermology to it's cellulite and skin tightening program. The center also offers Triactive Laserdermology facial treatments to help improve your face and neck. The Formostar Infrared Body Wrap had also been a great addition and aids in weight, body fat, and inch loss, along with other therapeutic benefits. It's used very often by body builders before a competition. Jennifer and her staff also offer Lapex 2000 LipoLaser. This new laser treatment  contours the body, targets trouble areas, and reduces cellulite.

Jennifer and her staff are very dedicated to each client and their goals, and can determine which program(s) can work best for you. They also continuously research all the new machines and treatments ever striving to find ways to improve their clients. Throughout their commitment, experience, and expertise, Perpetual Motion has established a relationship with their clients that will last a lifetime!
67 Coddington St, Quincy, MA and 80 Front St #34, Scituate, MA