Lapex 2000 LipoLaser
Triactive Laserdermology
Infared Body Wrap
NRG Footbath
Perpetual Motion is happy to be the only center in New England providing you with the treatments we have available for your cellulite, inch loss and body contouring/tightening goals. We are excited to offer the Lapex 2000 LipoLaser, Endermologie, Triactive Laserdermology, Formostar Infrared Body Wrap and NRG Detoxifying Footbath. We are dedicated to aid you in achieving your body improvement goals with one or a combination of our services.
NRG Works Foot Spa

The NRG foot spa is a bioelectric device that utilizes electricity and water to energize the body and enhance its natural capacity to detoxify. NRG rejuvenates the body's natural bioelectric activity in two major ways: bioelectrical stimulation of the entire body through the feet, and elimination of toxic substances from the body. Environmental stresses like food processing, preservatives, toxins, chemicals, pollution, synthetics, and radiation are factors in every part of our lives. The NRG foot spa aids our body in eliminating these toxins to help us avoid and fight illneses, parasites, viral infections, and bacterial infections as well as generate enhanced, long-lasting energy and vitality. Its benefits include:
  • Increased energy
  • Clarity of mind
  • Calming of emotions
  • Heightened physical well-being
  • Revitalized blood
  • Detoxification and neutralization of toxins
  • Faster recovery time from illness and injury
  • Inflammation reduction
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Reduced fluid retention
  • Dermal rejuvenation
  • Improved kidney and liver function

Some people say they not only feel younger, but look younger too!
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