Client Testimonials...

"I started as a client at Perpetual Motion more than two years ago. I had been exercising independently for several years, and was in reasonably good shape, but frustrated that I could not seem to get at those trouble spots of cellulite, no matter how hard I worked. I have used the tri-active laser, endermologie, and most recently, the lipolasser techniques, and the results are fantastic! Family and friends have commented upon the obvious improvements in my look and shape, and I am entirely comfortable in shorts for the first time in years.

Jennifer's obvious care for her clients, and commitment to her practice, motivate me to keep coming back. She works with me as an individual and does not have a "one-size-fits-all" style. Jennifer's competence and professionalism have not diminished. Most importantly, I feel better than ever and more confident about my look."

- F.C. ...Belmont, MA

"Whether you need to lose inches or cellulite or both, Jennifer will customize a treatment specifically for your individual needs and what's most important... these treatments REALLY do work!!! I have been going to see Jennifer for 3 years now and have been so happy with my results that I plan on continuing indefinitely. I highly recommend Perpetual Motion and the services that Jennifer offers."

- L.B. ...Dunbarton, NH

"Before I began going to Perpetual Motion, I was embarrassed of how I looked. I dreaded the summer and bathing suits & shorts. After only a few treatments, I began noticing a difference in my appearance. Jennifer's professionalism and caring, enouraging personality make Perpetual Motion more than just a body improvement center."

- Liz ...Providence, RI
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